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Okay, so I lied.

Well, not really lied, but when I said over a month ago that I was going to keep chugging away at the various online anime reviews, I obviously did not follow through with my plan. Sorry 'bout that.

Instead, I've been slaving away at something entirely different: making some extra money. I've been sorting through and selling off anything of value in my many boxes of comic books I have sitting around. Throughout most of the past decade I had been selling tons of comic books on ebay as well as on Amazon. And by "tons" I mean tens of thousands of transactions; I have no idea of the total amount sold but it has to be in the hundred thousand dollar range since 2000.

But for the past year-plus, I've let all of that lie fallow as I've chugged away at my regular jorb. Mostly it was because the amount of money I could make selling comics and the time it took to sell those comics was less than the amount of money I could make by just doing a few hours of overtime at work.

Not only that, but the bottom fell out of the comics market on ebay some years ago, and lots of comics are selling today for a mere fraction of what they went for previously...if at all. Furthermore, I haven't bought anything new for years, haven't refreshed any stock, so over time the quality of the comics I have left has declined until there is little of value remaining. It was reaching a point where the money I was earning was barely covering the expenses, much less approaching anything close to minimum wage.

On top of that, one of the places I would sell comics (mycomicshop.com) had stopped buying comics altogether for a couple years as the economy bottomed out. They weren't buying anything, period, so all those boxes of comic books started collecting dust, filling up space in my home.

But last month, I went back and checked and LO AND BEHOLD, mycomicshop.com was buying again! I sorted through a couple of boxes, scrounged together a box of comics I could sell to them, and shipped it off. We're not talking huge amounts of money here, but $100-$150 for a short-box of comics for a few hours of work, so not bad.

That was over a month and twelve shipments ago. And I'm still at it.

I've dealt with mycomicshop.com at various times in the past, and they've always been honest with me. They have an online database you can search through, just stick the name of the comic in, and it lets you know whether they are buying it, and exactly how much they are paying by grade. Ranging from Golden Age to modern comics, just search, click, and ship. Of course they're buying on the cheap, so most of the comics they are buying at a fraction of wholesale, unless it has a collector's premium. Furthermore, about 80-90% of what I have they are not buying at all, so it's a matter of searching and sorting through lots of boxes to separate the wheat from the chaff.

There's a method to my madness. Over the years I've managed to whittle down my comics to about 44 long-boxes-worth comics, plus three full bookshelves of graphic novels (used to be much, much more). First I sort out all of the near-mint comics and then separate out those they are willing to buy above a certain dollar amount. Then I sort out all the very fine comics, lather rinse repeat with fine comics, then very good, then good comics. Plus their database is updated all the time, so I can come back the next day/week/month and some of the comics that they weren't buying before are now on the buy list.

For someone who has a ton of comics sitting around doing nothing, it's an easy way to make a couple thousand bucks, and I'll keep at it until there isn't anything left to sell, I guess. Looks like I could use it in the near future, with what I'm guessing could be a failing head gasket. Like I said, twelve boxes down (each 30-40 pounds), who knows how many more to go? Good times, good times.


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