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OMFG: It's the NRA 'graphic novel'! Watch out for the lobster bombs and femini-fascists!

Apparently this little gem of a book made the rounds on the internet over the past weekend (via popular sites like Boingboing, Dailykos and Wonkette, none of which I frequent), but I didn't catch it until it appeared on The Moderate Voice.

"Freedom in Peril: Guarding the 2nd Amendment in the 21st Century". It's a 32-page "graphic novel" (more like an illustrated screed) produced by the NRA, pointing out how wonderful gun ownership is, and how evil all the libuhrahls are. It's so insanely over the top, you gotta see it to believe it. It's insane! Beautifully illustrated, but still insane.

Here's the Wonkette link:

You can view the entire thing in PDF format here --> (warning - several megs in size, but worth it. Also found on Raw Story and other sites as well.)

Here's extended commentary at Boingboing (including hidden notes found in the PDF file):

And lots and lots of snarky commentary from all over the blogoverse!,GGLD:2004-20,GGLD:en&q=%22freedom+in+peril%22+nra

For a while, there was some discussion as to whether this thing was a hoax created to make the NRA look stupid -- because it's so...out there. The racism, the xenophobia, the nonsensical arguments, the lobster-terrorists, evil one-world government conspiracies, and everything. Jack Chick would be proud. Many pro-gun commentators found it so embarrassing that they figured it could *only* be a hoax. Only drooling mouth-breathers would believe this sort of stuff. But, then again, the pro-NRA morons are are some the the stupidest people on the face of this planet (about on the same level as the KKK and NAMBLA).

After some digging and discussion on various boards, it turns out this is almost certainly NOT a hoax -- it's really by the NRA! Egads!

Oh, those wacky pro-gun folks. Just when you think they couldn't sink any farther, they manage to lower the bar. Again.

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